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What is Cook Yaown?

Here is what I do

I am a cook assistant. I might not get you the salt or place the pot on the fire, but I can help you become more productive in your cooking.

These are the type of things I can do for you.

  • I can give you the detailed steps to cook your food
  • I can give you a brief description of your recipe. This might give you more information about the setting and culture of the dish
  • I can give you a list of all the ingredients you need to cook your meal

Who can use me

There are basically 3 type persons that might want to use me



This is the category of people who might love a recipe but have no idea on how to go about cooking it



This is the category of cooks that think they need aid to make them professionals



This is the category of people in the cooking field. The could basically use me to get extra details about the cultures of the recipe and more

Some of our Popular Recipes

Here are some of our most searched recipes. Check them out you might find them thrilling

Do you know the originality of water-fufu

Eru is a soup from Cameroon. It is a specialty of the Bayangi people, of the Manyu region in southwestern Cameroon. It is vegetable soup made up of finely shredded leaves of the eru or okok. The eru is stewed with waterleaf or spinach, palm oil, and either smoked fish, cow skin (kanda) or beef.

Here is more details

Achu is the traditional meal of a number of villages in the North West region of Cameroon. It is the specialty of the Bamenda or “Bamda” people as I like to say. It is also widely eaten by the Bamilekes in the western region of the country. Another name for yellow soup is “Ndza Nikki.” In French, it is known as “sauce jaune”.The meal starts with some nicely boiled cocoyams (taro), which are then pounded into the Achu fufu (a whitish paste). The pounded cocoyam is eaten with either a black soup made with cocoyam leaves (and sometimes groundnuts/peanuts) or a yellow soup. It is mostly eaten with the yellow soup which made up of “kanwa” (limestone), palm oil and a special blend of spices

Picture of achu and Yellow soup

Here you go!

Kati Kati is one of the most ancient and distinctive dishes of the Nkom people, in the Northwest province of Cameroon. Paired with fufu corn for a complete satisfying meal

Yet another one!

Koki beans is a pudding made with black eyed peas. One of those vegetarian cuisines which is hard to resist. It taste very delicious. It can be serve with ripe boiled plantains , boiled casava sticks, boiled taro , yam or any chewable root vegetable starch. In Cameroon all regions and tribes are familia with koki beans. Did you know Black-eyed peas are native to West Africans? They have been enjoyed for thousands of years throughout the continent. It is thought to have reached the United States during the Slave trade. No wonder it so popular in the South especially with African Americans.

And finally here!

Kwacoco Bible is mostly eaten by the Bakweris in Cameroon. It you would like to know more about the meal, check out my initial post where I tell a sweet back story. Traditionally, it is wrapped in banana leaves but if you can’t find banana leaves, use aluminium foil.

What is so special about my recipes

Some of our top contributors

These are some of the popular people that have contributed content and have provided top recipies for our platform

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Food Science Instructor

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Student, Experienced Cook

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Food Science Student

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